A downloadable game for Windows

Rightrealm is a story-less 2D action RPG set in a blank universe. It is currently in pre-alpha.

Current Status

As of now, Rightrealm development is currently on hold and will continue in 2019/2020 with massive changes. Make sure to follow for updates!

Visit dangerous realms

Venture  through threatening procedurally-generated environments, overcoming any obstacles you face. Turning back is no option.

Create your unique character

With 2 skill trees available to each class, there should be no issue finding a playstyle which suits you best. Specialise in one skill tree or mix & match!

Obtain randomly generated gear from enemies and select the stats you need for your unique build.


Berserker Gameplay

Elementalist Gameplay


Not available in the demo


 Not available in the demo

Do note that some updates may ignore save data (become unusable) from previous versions due to incompatibility.

Be sure to involve yourself in the community forum below (feedback and suggestions are appreciated) and check the development log for news!

Follow development on twitter!

Install instructions

Press ESC to view game controls.


Rightrealm Pre-Alpha Windows 16 MB
Version 0.1-1 Sep 11, 2017

Development log