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Explore dangerous realms, defeat enemies, collect loot and build your unique character in this 2D action RPG. · By vybr


Recent updates

Development on hold for now
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that development for Rightrealm is temporarily on hold. This is because I've started on a new, smaller project that I...
Forest Update Part 2 Progress
The 2nd part of the forest update is underway. Here's an outline of the major changes: Forest camps shelled out more. With destructible objects (banners, weapon...
v0.1 - Forest Update Part 1
Part 1 of the forest update is here! This update mostly deals with map generation. You will also encounter a new mini-boss; the mega bee. After charging up for...
1 file — 0.1-1
My plans for Rightrealm and the next update
Hello everyone. I haven’t done a proper devlog which outlines my plans and goals for the game so I’d like to take the time to do that here. I hope to do the...
Update 0.0.2 & 0.0.3 Changes
0.0.2 Changes Base crit chance changed to 1 Base Movement speed increased to 45 from 40 Added a basic signpost to the hideout telling users how to view the game...
1 file — 0.0.3
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