Forest Update Part 2 Progress

The 2nd part of the forest update is underway. Here's an outline of the major changes:

  • Forest camps shelled out more. With destructible objects (banners, weapon racks etc.). Tents will also become destructible.
  • A new task for forest maps.
  • An update to the loot system. The game will now use proper loot tables. As such, the drop rates of all equipment has been changed. Epic and Divine gear will be a lot harder to find.
  • Stats formulas have been updated. Equipment stats such as attack speed and movement speed now generate larger values so you're less likely to throw away a piece of gear with these stats on them. Older saves will not work with this update.
  • Chests generate in forests and deserts. For now they are simple objects you interact with (by pressing F). Later on they may require special items to open, or an event must be completed in order to gain access to its contents.

Once this update is finished, I will probably begin work on a quality-of-life centered update. For example, improving the UI, adding settings options (which includes keybindings) and other small tweaks.

As always, if you have suggestions please leave them in the community forum!

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