Update 0.0.2 & 0.0.3 Changes

0.0.2 Changes

  • Base crit chance changed to 1
  • Base Movement speed increased to 45 from 40
  • Added a basic signpost to the hideout telling users how to view the game's controls.
  • Mega Bee (the dashing one) temporarily removed for testing
  • Fixed map portals to stop glowing before the task was completed
  • Sprinting consumes slightly less stamina
  • Returning (boomerang) projectiles will no longer crash the game if the enemy has been killed while they are returning
  • Fixed large equipment tooltips from appearing below the game screen

I am aware of a bug causing players to start at the 2nd stage of the realm rather than the first. This will be fixed in the next update.


Rightrealm Pre-Alpha Windows 16 MB
Version 0.0.3 Aug 11, 2017

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