My plans for Rightrealm and the next update

Hello everyone. I haven’t done a proper devlog which outlines my plans and goals for the game so I’d like to take the time to do that here. I hope to do these fairly regularly, but I’m not brilliant at writing so forgive me if I start slacking.

The “Demo”

As you know, the “demo” for Rightrealm was released on August 9th. I put demo in quotations because it’s not really a demo, at least not yet. It is instead the pre-alpha of the game, with the bare minimum features available so players know the sort of thing they can expect from the game in the future.

The pre-alpha of the game is available for free and will receive regular updates. During this period I will also try my best to build a decent community around Rightrealm (something I’ve never done before).

Once I feel that both the game and community are decently strong, it will transition into early access as a paid game. The current version at the time of transitioning will become the demo for the game, and will not receive gameplay updates. Simple stuff.

My early plans/goals for Rightrealm

  • Players should have a clear idea on how the game’s mechanics and controls work. They should be introduced properly or be more intuitive.

  • Realms should feel less empty and have more content besides enemies.

  • Combat should feel fun and fast-paced. Monster density and stats will need to be tuned properly.

  • Amirities (the main currency) needs uses.

  • The loot hunt should be exciting and there should be other ways to obtain loot besides from enemies.

  • Players need some way to customise their gear.

  • All stats should be meaningful.

  • Introduce UI buttons, settings menu and keybindings.

  • Add one or two NPC’s to the hideout

  • Sounds!

What’s Next?

Those who have played the pre-alpha will know that the game’s environments (realms) are lacking in interesting encounters and other things to do besides combat.

Every map type/biome is planned to have its own special features which either exists only in that biome or exists everywhere once it is introduced into the game. Each biome you play in should feel different to another, otherwise the game will become monotonous.

The next update will focus on forests, where I’ll be:

  • Giving forest map generation a few upgrades to add a little more depth.

  • Reintroducing enemies that were temporarily removed from the game.

  • Adding more ways to obtain loot.

  • Making a small change to potions and their drop rates.

  • Implementing a new task to complete

  • Possibly more minor changes

This “Forest Update” (and future updates) will most likely be split into multiple smaller patches just so that improvements and bug fixes can be pushed out more frequently.

Expect part 1 of the update in a few days!

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The game certainly seems to be progressing, adding it to my watch list for sure. :)