v0.1 - Forest Update Part 1

Part 1 of the forest update is here! 

This update mostly deals with map generation. You will also encounter a new mini-boss; the mega bee. After charging up for short time, it flies speedily towards the player, dealing tonnes of damage. Dodging may come in handy.


  • Forest map generation has been slightly upgraded!
  • Camps spawn in forests.
  • Forest maps may generate with 2 elevations.
  • Mega Bee's have been added back into the game.
  • All enemies now have slightly less health. This change is to prepare for a future update.
  • Base Movement Speed for the Elementalist has been lowered.
  • Enemy health bars no longer flash white when attacked.
  • The Lumberjack's throwing axes move slightly faster.

Bugfixes -

  • New realms no longer start at the 2nd stage.
  • Dragging an object to the incorrect slot will no longer stop the player from attacking.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the inventory to show you have zero amirites after loading your save.
  • Reviving now properly consumes amirites.
  • You can no longer walk infinitely to the right before completing the map task.


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Version 0.1-1 Sep 11, 2017

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